The Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center

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ALADDIN: Recommended atomic collision and particle-surface interaction data in the ALADDIN format

BIBLIOGRAPHY : A link to the CFADC's categorized bibliography of about 30,000 references dating from 1978 to present (30,000 more dating from c.1950 to 1977 are now being converted to add to this bibliography)

THE "REDBOOKS": An on-line version of the CFADC volumes of recommended atomic collision data -- Under Construction (Demo available)

MULTICHARGED ION RESEARCH FACILITY: Atomic data pertinent to fusion energy research from the MIRF Atomic Physics group at Physics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Crossed electron-ion beams experiment, Merged ion-atom beams experiment, Merged electron-ion beams energy-loss (MEIBEL) experiment, Ion-surface experiment).

Astro: Information regarding a new initiative in atomic astrophysics

LINKS: Hotlinks to other URL sites containing atomic & molecular data.

TAMOC: Link to the location of the Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Community's Home Page

ADNDT: Link to the location of the Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables Home Page and mirror of the cumulative author and subject indices

E-prints: Electronic (PostScript) versions of CFADC papers relevant to atomic data and atomic data issues

Data and Codes: Data collections and computer codes from various sources

Physics Division: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Physics Division

ornl: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory

See also the staff document for additional details on how to contact the CFADC staff.