Below is a listing of Hotlinks to other sites on the Web concerning data of interest in Atomic, Molecular, and Plasma Physics and Astrophysics.

Atomic and Molecular Databases :

ADAS : The Atomic Data and Analysis Structure (ADAS)

AMDIS : The International Atomic Energy Agency A+M Data Unit

Atomic Data for Astrophysics : Database at the University of Kentucky

CfA Database : CfA Database of Atomic & Molecular Data for Astronomy.

COREX Bibliography : Core Edge Excitation Database Bibliography.

COREX Database : Core Edge (Inner Shell) Excitation Spectra of Gas Phase Atoms and Molecules.

Fe I Database : Fe I Multiplet Table.

GAPHYOR Database : Database at the Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas at the Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay France.

JAERI : Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

NIFS : Data and Planning Center, National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya, Japan

NIST : NIST Spectroscopic Database.

e-Ionization : Yong-Ki Kim's BEB model for ionization of some atoms and molecules.

TIPbase : The Iron Project.

TOPbase : The Opacity Project Database.

TOPbase : The Opacity Project Database.

Atomic and Optical Theory Group (T-4) at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

NORAD-Atomic-Data : atomic radiative data at OSU

Plasma Physics Databases :

Fusion Research Center : University of Texas at Austin Fusion Research Database.
General Atomics : General Atomics Fusion Group.
JET Home Page : JET WWW Index page.
NASA Database : NASA National Space Science Data Center - Heliospheric Field and Plasma Data.
OFE Home Page : Office of Fusion Energy, DOE.
Plasma Gate : Weizmann Institute Plasma Physics Database.

Astronomy Databases :

CfA Database : CfA Database of Atomic & Molecular Data for Astronomy.

NASA Astrophysics Data System

Software Available for Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics

The Computer Physics Communications (CPC) library of codes

Fundamental Constants :

Periodic Table.

Fundamental Constants

(Some) Fusion Laboratories :

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

ORNL Fusion Energy Division

General Atomics Fusion Group

Joint European Torus

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

Professional Societies :

American Institute of Physics.

American Physical Society.

Institute of Physics.

Other Societies.



Web Home Pages in Atomic & Molecular Physics and Astronomy :

Atomic Physics Home Pages : List of Web Home Pages on Atomic Physics.

Web Astronomy Services : List of Services on the Web of interest to Astronomy.

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